NP aesthetics specialises in aesthetics treatments & leading aesthetics products provided by Kirsty, Nurse Practitioner.


Kirsty has been a registered nurse for over 15 years and has completed an MSc in Advanced Practice where she became an Independent Prescriber.

Having always had an interest in aesthetics, Kirsty completed her training at Harley Academy to become a qualified aesthetics practitioner for the use of Botulinum toxin and dermal fillers and has full cosmetic insurance. Additionally, Kirsty has advanced training in bespoke toxin and lip augmentation and is also a chemical peel specialist.


Anti-wrinkle injections

NP aesthetics uses FDA approved botulinum toxin to relax muscles preventing and softening lines and wrinkle formation.

Upper face (forehead lines, frown lines & crow’s feet)

cost per area:

One area: £160

Two areas: £200

Three areas: £250

Advanced toxin for lower face (bunny lines, gummy smiles, smokers’ lines,

Downturned mouths, cobblestone chins & jawline slimming) costed at a consultation.

£160 for one area or £30 if under 5 units and £60 if over 5 units when additional to upper face treatment.

Excessive sweating


Dermal fillers/Lip augmentation

0.5ml £170

1ml £250

Medigrade skin peels

These vary in grade from medi facial treatments with no downtime to prescription only chemical peels with downtime dependent on client requirements.

Prices vary accordingly.

Medigrade skincare products

Specifically designed to tackle significant skin issues such as ageing, sun damage, pigmentation and spot prone skin. These products are clinically proven to deliver long-lasting natural results.

Including Retinol serum, Heliocare SPF and Medigrade Cleansers.


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