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About the New Stamp Rewards Scheme

We're excited to announce the new NP Aesthetics Stamp Rewards scheme so you can treat yourself and get rewarded simultaneously. It works much like the stamp reward schemes in popular retailers, but we use a convenient digital Stamp Rewards Card saved directly to your Apple or Google wallet. 

When you receive a treatment, you can pick up a star straight to your reward card before leaving the clinic. All you need to do is open your stored stamp card from your digital wallet, and we then scan the unique barcode to add a star. When you have attained 6 stars, you will qualify for 20% off the subsequent treatment. At launch, all the treatments we offer are eligible, and the savings you can make across our treatment range can be sizeable.

As a bonus, you can also refer friends to get additional stars from the built-in referral program that enables you to share your unique card. You gain a star when they scan their card after receiving their first treatment as a new client.

How to get your Stamp Rewards Card

To start building up stamps for discounts on Aesthetics & Skincare Treatments, scan the QR Code in the NP Aesthetics Clinic to get your Stamp Rewards Card.

Please don't hesitate to ask Kirsty or Jema about the rewards scheme in the clinic.

Scan the QR Code to get your Stamp Rewards Card