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HArmonyCa™ is a new dual-effect Hybrid Injectable dermal filler for facial soft tissue augmentation.

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With age, you may experience a loss of volume and structural support in the face. Most single-agent dermal fillers cannot individually provide the combined benefits of a hyaluronic acid lift and lasting collagen stimulation from calcium hydroxyapatite. HArmonyCa™ Lidocaine, known as HArmonyCa™, is a new dual-effect Hybrid Injectable combining hyaluronic acid (HA) with calcium hydroxyapatite (CaHA).

HArmonyCa is a dermal filler intended for facial soft tissue augmentation and injected into the deep dermal and sub-dermal layers. The product's lidocaine reduces pain during treatment, and the CaHA encourages related remodelling and collagen formation that can last up to 12 months.

Further Information

Welcome to the future of Hybrid Injectables with HArmonyCa™ 

HArmonyCa may improve skin architecture by providing an immediate lift from HA and a sustained lifting effect from new collagen production associated with CaHA.

CaHA microspheres

Supporting the body's collagen production CaHA works deep within the dermis to form a scaffold for the internal growth of fibroblasts, helping to:

  • Produce new collagen fibres as early as 1 week after injection.
  • Induce related remodelling of the extracellular matrix.

Cross-linked HA gel

HA particles diffuse between collagen fibres of the lower dermal layer, which may create volume for an immediate lifting effect.

Who could benefit from HArmonyCa?

HArmonyCa may be suitable for: 

  • Individuals with signs of ageing
  • Individuals who could benefit from a potential improvement in skin architecture and facial soft tissue augmentation.

HArmonyCa is a well-tolerated Hybrid Injectable with a low risk-benefit profile.

The most common AEs after injection with HArmonyCa are mild and typical injection-site reactions.

Treatment with HArmonyCa is for UK adults of 18 years or over only.

NB, We are refreshing the HArmonyCa treatment and ironing out the full details.

HArmonyCa Offer

To celebrate the launch of our new HArmonyCa™ treatment, available only in a few UK Aesthetics clinics, there's an introductory price of just £750, so get in quick.

Your HArmonyCa Practitioner

HArmonyCa treatments are administered by: -

Aesthetics Nurse Practitioner

It is important to consult an experienced and qualified Aesthetics & Skincare Practitioner to determine if the HArmonyCa treatment is the right option for you. We can provide personalised advice based on your specific concerns and aesthetic goals.

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HArmonyCa Before After

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