Tear Trough Filler

Dermal fillers

Add volume and reduce dark circles under the eyes.

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Add volume and reduce dark circles under the eyes.

Ageing is one of the main courses of eyes circles, together with poor circulation, lifestyle and genetics. Eyes reflect health, vitality, feelings of youth and as such, eye contour continues to be a significant aesthetic concern.

A full assessment will indicate patient suitability for treating tear troughs, eye rim depression, eye circles and eye bags. We use Teosyal Puresense Redensity 2, the only licensed filler for the delicate eye area. It contains a patented formula of essential amino acids and a brightening agent that reduces dark circles and improves skin laxity.

The treatment will typically last 12-18 months.

The word "periorbital" comes from the Latin words "peri" meaning around and "orbitalis" meaning eye.

Treatment Details

Available without Prescription
Requires Prescription
Key Targets
Not Set
Treatment Time
Price on Consultation
Per Treatment (Both Eyes)
* POM = Prescription Only Medicine, supplied by NP Aesthetics on Prescription for your treatment(s).
Prescriptions are administered internally by Kirsty, who is a fully qualified Nurse Prescriber.
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Tear Trough Filler Before After

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