Medigrade Skin Chemical Peels

Medigrade Skin Peels

Dramatic & rapid skin rejuvenation

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Dramatic & rapid skin rejuvenation

Medigrade Skin Chemical Peels vary in grade from medi facial treatments with no downtime to prescription only peels with downtime and depends on client requirements. Prices vary accordingly.

Red Carpet Facial

This antioxidant therapy supports skin metabolism, improving circulation and cell respiration. This treatment leaves the skin purified, glowing and radiant with instant results that last around a week.

No downtime.

Time required: 30 minutes.

Cost: £35

Gentle Retinol Peel

A gentle chemical peel which smooths, brightens and promotes a clear complexion. Ideal for those who are new to chemical peels. This antibacterial treatment reduces breakouts and inflammation. The added retinol booster increases cell turnover and reduces discolouration, resulting in a tighter, more even skin.

Downtime: 2-4 days

Time required: 30 minutes

Cost: £50

Clinicare AHA/BHA Chemical Peels

A targeted chemical peel containing a mixture of glycolic, lactic & salicylic acids tailored to individual needs:

Glow: for hyperpigmentation, age spots and dull, tired skin

Pure: for troubled, or sensitive skin & acne-like conditions

Refresh: For fine lines, wrinkles, firmness and moisture.

Downtime: 2-4 days

Time required: 30 minutes

Price: £60 incl: a post-treatment facial mask to use at home.

Perfecting Skin Peel

A chemical resurfacing treatment, formulated as a unique peeling option for all clients, including those with ageing, discoloured, breakout-prone and sensitive skin. This gentle alpha hydroxy acid solution will improve skin surface texture and fine lines while helping to promote an even skin tone. This multi-faceted and complexion brightening treatment is also an excellent option for clients with sensitive skin.

Downtime: 2-4 days

Time required: 30 minutes

Cost: £65

4% & 6% Pure Retinol Peel (prescription only)

Provides dramatic and rapid rejuvenation of the skin. Skin is visibly smoother, brighter and more evenly toned. This peel will effectively treat ageing skin, pigment disorders, smoker's skin, photodamaged skin, acne scarring and active acne.

Downtime: up to 10 days

Time required: 30 minutes

Cost: 4% Peel £100, 6% Peel £125.

Treatment Details

Available without Prescription
Requires Prescription
Key Targets
Treatment Time
30 Mins
Price on Consultation
Red Carpet Facial
Gentle Retinol Peel
Clinicare AHA/BHA Chemical Peels incl: a post-treatment facial mask to use at home
Perfecting Skin Peel
4% & 6% Pure Retinol Peel (prescription only) 6% + £25
* POM = Prescription Only Medicine, supplied by NP Aesthetics on Prescription for your treatment(s).
Prescriptions are administered internally by Kirsty, who is a fully qualified Nurse Prescriber.
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Medigrade Skin Chemical Peels Before After

Real undoctored photos taken in clinic or provided by the client.

Due to the nature of this service we don't currently have any Before After Shots

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